MBase: PREDECT Metadata Database

PREDECT is an IMI-funded partnership between 9 academic, 3 SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) and 7 EU pharmaceutical partners, aiming to develop novel, advanced, complex in vitro and in vivo models for breast, prostate and lung cancers. Three dimensional complex cell cultures, attempting to closely mimic in vivo tumors, will be investigated for their improved potential to validate therapeutic targets, applying molecular pathology and systems biology methods to compare the circuitry of resting and perturbed states. The project is expected to shift paradigms in cell biology as well as preclinical target validation, permitting greater predictivity of drug efficacy in patient cohorts.

This website provides a platform for collecting and managing data uploaded by members of PREDECT consortium. For more information, visit the official PREDECT homepage. In case of questions and suggestions concerning the database, please use the e-mail